Sustainability Commitment

We are conscious about sustainability  and are adopting sustainability practices in our personal and business life.

We care for the people, inner and outer environment. We reuse, recycle and reduce the amount of packaging in our design process of the products we develop. We reduce the amount of paper we use in day-to-day business activities.

Paper – we minimise paper use as much as possible in all we do. We use digital marketing material as much as practicable over paper marketing material.

Fuel – we choose public transport, railway over air transfers locally in the UK, unless there is an emergency.

Water – we maximise the use of the water in our manufacturing, by implementing routine checks to avoid leaks. Install rate saving equipment, use water recycling and re-use practices where applicable and safe.

Suppliers – we choose to work with UK based companies. Where we can not source consumables for our products in the UK, we select companies we work with who maximise ethical practices.

Businesses we work with – we work with businesses who choose ethical practices, invest in communities and positive self-development. We do not work with businesses such as fossil fuel extraction, weapons or are known for human rights violations. 

Social communities – we work with charitable organisations to help to elevate the spirit and knowledge for those most in need.