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Ayurveda Wellbeing Gift has helped me to deal with my grief after losing a family member.
Soul nourishing scents of a candle, balm and meditation session provided
the best support when I didn’t have any.

-Melissa, London

Ayurveda Wellbeing Gift has
helped me to deal with my grief after losing a family member.

Soul nourishing scents of
a candle, balm and meditation session provided the best support when I didn’t have any.

-Melissa, London

Unboxing The Ayurveda Wellbeing Gift

Take a closer look what Ayurveda Wellbeing Gift includes and the benefits.

Ayurveda De-stress Candle & balm.

Ayurveda candle scents are selected according to the three main body types. Personalised scent helps to induce balance for each different body type.

Prana Peace

Prana Peace candle is helpful for vata dosha dominant constitution. The scents are those of sweet and nourishing, which pacify vata type stress. It reduces tension, resumes circulation whilst allowing to take deeper breathes.

Sadhka Serene

Sadhaka Serene candle helps pitta dosha dominant constitution. Scents of cool breeze, freshness and a touch of bitter sweetness helps to pacify pitta type anxiety and stress. It cools down hot emotions and restores clarity.

Tarpaka Tenacious

Tarpaka Tenacious candle is helps kapha dosha dominant individuals. Scents of an abundant forests which are warming and stimulating helping to reduce kapha anxiety and stress, refreshing sensory organs, promotes your resilience.

Whichever scent you choose, this precious kit allows you to keep the candle at home and take a balm with you to work. Online wellbeing portal provides instructions on how to use the balm on an acupressure points if you feel that stress is affecting you at work.

Why Use The Acupressure Balm?

A simple yet effective technique gives you opportunity to manage stress at work, home or business travel. When you open the box you can access Online Wellbeing Portal session via QR code.

A simple yet effective technique gives you opportunity to manage stress at work, home or business travel. When you open the box you can access Online Wellbeing Portal session via QR code.

Live Stress Free

Stress is considered a cause of many conditions, but keeping it at bay has long term benefits, such as:

  • Reducing anxiety
  • Promoting emotional intelligence
  • Improving sleep and mood
  • Preventing muscle tension
  • Preventing chronic depression
  • Helping to prevent long heart disease
  • Preventing onset of high blood pressure
  • Preventing onset of headaches or migraines
  • Helping to prevent obesity & metabolic syndrome

Online Wellbeing Portal

Each Ayurveda Wellbeing Gift comes with access to my exclusive Online Wellbeing Portal.

Meditation & Relaxation

When accessing the Online Wellbeing Portal in addition to the acupressure balm session, you have the opportunity to enjoy breathing exercise, guided meditation and relaxation sessions. You can access it from wherever you are, especially if you feel stressed at work.

Benefits Of Breathwork

Pranayama is a sanskrit word for Breathwork practice. Breath is our life source. Healing breathing exercises purify and nourish the mind, delivers anti-oxidants to the blood and transits you deeper into meditative practice.

Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation is an effective practice to calm the mind. As a long term practice it can help to prevent long term conditions and contribute to improvement of executive functioning of the mind, work efficacy and improvement of wellbeing.

Benefits Of Relaxation

Guided relaxation, or shavasana in sanskrit – talks you through step-by-step relaxation. You can practice the technique wherever you are. It helps to declutter the mind, pacify anxiety and improve sleep. Regular practice rewires your brain.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions about the
Ayurveda Wellbeing Gift.
I hope that they answer your questions, if not please contact me.

Yes, all of the ingredients including candle wax, essential oils, balm are made from organic ingredients.

Yes, absolutely. At every manufacturing process I assess the process of the manufacturing. We choose recycled material for our packaging boxes and we reduce the amount of the boxes we use to deliver this product to you. We use biodegradable labels and vegetable inks for the print to minimise a foot print of the waste on the planet. We assure that our suppliers have organic certification and sustainable practices in place, so we can continue the sustainable chain of manufacturing.

You can place the order using the contact form or simply e-mail me which scent you would like to order, wether you are ordering for corporate clients or for employees and how many in total and each scent you would like to order.

Yes, absolutely. Just indicate in your message how many of each scent you would like to order.

Lead times will depend on the quantity of the order. In general, for smaller orders it can be as little as 2-3 weeks turn around, on large orders it can be 2-3 months. I’d encourage you to place the order as soon as you can, so I can meet the deadline efficiently for you.

Yes, you will need to pay for entire order upfront. Once the details of the order are agreed, we will issue our terms of work, ask for your purchase order and will issue the invoice to be paid before we start the manufacturing.

The price depends on the quantity. The larger the order, larger the discount I can offer. The retail price of the Ayurveda Wellbeing Gift is £85.97 and the discount on large quantities vary from 10% – 35%.

Yes, absolutely. If you would like to receive the sample of the entire box, we will issue an invoice for the retail price (£85.97) and post it to you once the payment has cleared. If you decide to place the order for your corporate clients or employees after you have tried the Ayurveda Wellbeing Gift®, we will deduct the retail price and include the wholesale price instead.

We hand pack and check every single box with care before we dispatch the order. If any of the products have any fault, we will exchange it free of charge, no questions asked. All we ask you is to check every single box promptly within 10 days of the order receipt and inform us accordingly and supply the evidence.

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